Free Anthology: A Fish that Rots from the Head (selected and edited by Rip Bulkeley)

A Fish Rots From The Head

A Fish Rots From The Head: A Poetic and Political Wake (published by Culture Matters) is a flash anthology of poetry and artwork, by around 100 poets and artists from England, Scotland and Wales. It expresses the fury and betrayal felt by working people about the leadership of this country – the mendacity, selfishness, corruption, smears on opponents and disregard for the general public shown by leading figures in the Johnson government.

This collection of images, parodies, rants, squibs, and full-on poems, put together in less than three weeks, is just part of a tide of satire now sweeping across Britain. It challenges, satirises, despairs, and even dares to laugh at the venal moral hypocrisy of our leaders, whose malignant mixture of callousness and ineptitude has never made life so hard, in so many ways, for so many working people in this country. Through its demonstration of compassion for the suffering of others, and its protest against wrongdoing by those in high office, this collection of poems and artworks provides a very necessary space and inspiration for solidarity and resistance. Let’s hope the removal vans come soon!

The book is available below. Feel free to download it and share with your friends and networks. You are also free to make a donation towards Culture Matter’s costs, as much as you like, using this button and download the anthology here. In solidarity!


  1. Thanks Pete.

    I thought PP had been dismantled? Did you ask for particular poets to contribute to this? I didn’t know about it.

    Is there anyway I could have a space on PP? I am feeling very singular as my poetry is about sexual abuse/suicide – working class orientated. Or could you point me in some direction?

    Anyway, thanks for including me in the mailshot.

    Hope you are well and appreciate your ‘likes’ on Facefork ha ha!!



    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid I’m not able to publish people yet, as I would get a lot of requests which I’m not able to deliver on. Have you tried Culture Matters lately? Or Andy Croft at the Morning Star ( Then there is Atrium ( and Ben Banyard’s new site Black Nore ( Sorry I couldn’t help out. Best wishes, Pete


  2. Thanks, Peter. Already downloaded, donated and shared the info a couple of days ago. Continuing to share, though, and delighted to have been included.

    Cheers, Denni



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