Index of Poets

Afghan Women, Landays “When sisters sit together, they always praise their brothers/When brothers sit together, they sell their sisters to others.”

Abram, Jill, Another Life  “If Martin Luther King had been a postman/he would still have had a dream.”

Agbabi, PatienceThe Devil in Cardiff “D’ya hear Robbo got sent down again?/When a snitch gets sent down/what chance for the rest of us, eh?”

Anaxagorou, Anthony, This Thing Moves “but we all need stories because stories are/who we are and the places we left behind/and the scars we survived.”

Antrobus, Raymond, Conversation with a man in Wetherspoons “Wetherspoon’s on a Monday morning is like a retirement home/people drink for hours at the bar/no one takes off their jacket/they won’t admit how comfortable they are”

Armitage, Simon, Thank you for Waiting “Sweat, Dust, Shoddy, Scurf, Faeces, Chaff, Remnant,/Ash, Pus, Sludge, Clinker, Splinter and Soot;/all you people are now free to board.”

Arshi, Mona, On Ellington Road “Old man Harvey, with his thick specs and polished shoes/shouting trespassers, yet offering us a penny for collecting/his waspy pears.”

Atta, Dean, ‘I Come From’ “I come from shepherd’s pie and Sunday roast/Jerk chicken and stuffed vine leaves/I come from travelling through my taste buds but loving where I live”

Ayres, Catherine, Ignoring Alicia “If I were you/I’d be a piss-take/a walk of shame down/this quiet street/a What the fuck? in an empty afternoon.”

Banyard, Ben, This is not your beautiful game “This is not Lionel Messi, balletic, mercurial./We have a journeyman striker with a broken nose/no pace, poor finishing, very right-footed.”

Barnsley, Sarah, O Pioneers! “We travelled to the wild West/Midlands, chugging through//cooling tower canyons in the/turquoise Ford Triumph that//Dad had bought for fifty quid,”

Barron, Patrick, The Coalmen

Batchelor, Paul, To a Halver

Bell, Jo, Mute

Berry, Liz, Birmingham Roller

Booker, Malika, Lament for the Assassination of Comrade Walter Rodney

Brackenbury, Alison, Pensioned

Buckley, Kay, Barnsley Chop and Seams

Burn, Jane, Gala Day Durham Miners

Burnside, John, Hall of Mirrors 1964

Buttress, Derrick, Welcome to the Bike Factory

Carey, Lorraine, The Chip Van; From Doll House Windows

Chingonyi, Kayo, Andrew’s Corner

Commane, Jane, Midlands Kids

Connolly, Joey, How the Bookmaker Feels about the Dogs

Cooke, David, Work

Cooper, Anne, Hungary 1956: From a Woman in Exile

Cooray, Jasmine Ann, Ice-cream Box of Frozen Curry

Corcoran, Josephine, Working Class Poem

Costello, Anthony, Work

Dargan, Kyle, Two years from retirement my neighbour contemplates Canada

Darwish, Amir, Sorry

Dastidar, Rishi, Diagnosis: Londonism

Dastidar, Rishi, We are Premier League

Davis, Emer, Transient Lives.

Dharker, Imtiaz, Living Space

Drews, Nadia, Like Mother

Duggan, Matt, The Wake and I Agitator

Duggan, Matt, Voices from the Charcoal

Duhig, Ian, Nineteen Hundred and Nineteen and Jungle

Edwards, Johnathan, Bouncers

Ellams, Inua, Directions (after Billy Collins)

Ely, Steve, Shitneck

Evans, Susan, Irony

Foxtrot, Jemima, a poem from All Damn Day

France, Angela, Nana’s Luck

Gallagher, Owen, The Pay Poke & The Gorbals Palace

Gallagher, Mike, Paraic and Jack and John

Gill, Aisha K., Life of Thorka

Goddard, Roz, Hammersmith Hospital 1968

Graal, Anne, Down Smallthorne

Graham, Catherine, I Beg to Apply for the Post

Graham, Catberine, Market Scene Northern Town

Griffiths, Katie, A Lack of Minarets

Hamer, Chip, Going Forward and Pressure

Hardi, Choman,  At the Border 1979

Hashem Beck, Zeina, Inside Out

Hershman, Tania, Conversations with a Taxi Driver Falmouth

Hilaire, Nightlight Wicking at Price’s

Hogg, Julie, Driftwood Detroit

Horgan, Joe, the maps you took with you when you went

Houghton, Robin, Teatime in the Seventies ‘I’d sit up and try to stab tomatoes/ with a tea knife, decide how little lettuce/ I could get away with eating

Howell, Gemma, Abide the Bosses’ Law

Jenkins, Mike, Sofa Surfin’ & Pound Shop Politics

Knox, Jennifer L, Drones

Lee, Emma, The Shoemakers’ Walk

Lee-Houghton, Melissa, Accident and Hangings

Letford, Willliam, Wit is it?

Lochhead, Liz, Photograph Art Student Female Working Class ‘This photo’s saying nothing, is black and white, opaque./A frozen moment, not a memory.’

Lock, Fran, Decline and Fall and On Guillotines

Lock, Fran, On Ventriloquism.

Longstaff, Marilyn, Blooding the Enemy

Lowe, Hannah, Dance Class

Mannay, Des, And the Dead Shall Rise

Marshall, Roy, Meat is Murder

McCarthy, Rachel, Abandoned Airfield at Dunkeswell

McCarthy Woolf, Karen, Guy Fawkes Night

McDonough, Beth, St Fergus Gran

McMillan, Andrew, The Schoolboys

Meyomesse, Enoh, I Went Back to my Country

Miller, Kei, This Zinc Roof

Mole, John, John Clare Helpston c1830

Moore, Kim, My People

Mort, Helen, Last Orders for Chesterfield

Moss, Nick, Hauntings & Paddy

Naomi, Katrina, For Eliza (my great grandmother)

Ní Ghríofa, Doireann, At Letterfrack

Owen, Antony, Postman in the Smoke and Inferno

Pollard, Clare, China

Pottinger, Steve, Birmingham to London by Coach

Pottinger, Steve, Stabberjocky

Robinson, Anna, Portraits of Women East London 1888

Rosen, Michael, Don’t Mention the Children

Sam-La Rose, Jacob, Speechless

Saunders, Anna, Befriending the Butcher “He spent his days dressing flesh/ preparing Primal Cuts and his nights – carving wood,/ reading brick-heavy biographies of Larkin or Keats.

Seyoum’s, Bewketu, In Search of Fat

Sheehan, Hilda, The Speaker

Sissay, Lemn, Spark Catchers

Skinner, Richard, Dark Nook

Sluman, Daniel, Barmaids

Smith, Catherine, Monopoly

Sode, Yomi, The Rainbow Club

Sparkes, Joolz, Hollywood Comes to Holloway

Steiner, Adam, I was mad in ’85

Stevenson, Debris, Quality Street

Summers, Paul, North

Sumpton, Laila, Morning Prayers

Tait, Jon, Kinmont’s Bairns “There’s a mosaic of the capture of Kinmont Willie/ on the underpass wall./ Bearded, defiant, trussed up on horseback/ with a cheering crowd following behind.”

Taylor, Maria, A Day at the Races

Topping, Angela, Monochrome

Vane Women & Julie Hogg, Majuba Road

Villenueva, RA, Telemachy

Voss, Fred, Factotum

Voss, Fred, The Earth and the Stars in the Palm of Our Hand

Walsh, Tony (Longfella), The Last Gang in Town & Englishman/Irishman

Walsh, Tony, A Poem for Manchester

Watt, Nuala, The Department of Work and Pensions Assesses a Jade Fish “How often do you lose consciousness?/Exactly how much of your life is a mess?”

Webb, Julia, Redcastle Furze

Webb, Julia, Friday Night King’s Head

Webb, Julia, because my home town has a hand between its legs

Wells, Tim, Version

Wise, Kate, Fairytale

Woolley, Reuben, all fall down